State Health Department Refutes Allegations of Irregularities in 108 Ambulance Tenders

Clearing the Air: Health Department Addresses Corruption Claims Surrounding Emergency Medical Services Procurement

In response to recent allegations of corruption in the tendering process for the 108 ambulance services scheme, the state health department has come forward to refute the claims made by NCP leader and MLA Rohit Pawar. Amidst accusations of impropriety, the department asserts that the entire tender process was conducted transparently and in accordance with established rules and regulations.

During a press conference on Monday, Rohit Pawar raised concerns regarding potential irregularities in the tendering process, suggesting that only one party had applied despite repeated extensions for submissions. However, the health department has countered these assertions, emphasizing that the tender process was open and fair to all potential bidders.

Addressing specific allegations regarding increased costs and outdated technical specifications, the department clarified that adjustments were made to reflect evolving industry standards and accommodate the rising costs of fuel and maintenance. Furthermore, updates to technical specifications were informed by advancements in medical technology, ensuring that the ambulance fleet meets contemporary healthcare needs.

The decision to proceed with a single bidder was made after careful consideration by a committee chaired by the additional chief secretary (finance), taking into account the urgent nature of emergency medical services. Prior to finalizing the contract, negotiations were conducted to ensure that the terms were favorable to the state and taxpayers.

The state health department reaffirmed its commitment to transparency and accountability in procurement processes, highlighting the thorough evaluation and analysis conducted at each stage of the tendering process. With the issuance of a new government resolution (GR) and the awarding of the tender to joint tenderers Sumeet Facilities Limited, BVG India Limited, and SSG Transporte Sanitario, S.L., the department aims to uphold the highest standards of integrity in providing essential healthcare services to the citizens.

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