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    Running for a Cause: Team Sportify’s Relay Race Sparks Fitness Revolution

    Sportify Running Group Successfully Completes 112 Km Relay Race, Fostering Health and Wellness Awareness


    Pune: In a bid to inspire fitness and well-being, Team Sportify Running Group orchestrated the Dhanori to Panchgani running relay race, adding another chapter to its mission of promoting health awareness in neighboring cities. Building on the success of previous relay races such as “Dhanori to Jejuri” and “Dhanori to Sinhgad fort” in 2022 and 2021, the team continued its commitment to fostering a culture of fitness.

    The relay race, spanning 112 km, saw the participation of 21 dedicated runners, who collectively completed the challenging course in an impressive 10 hours and 8 minutes. The route took them through Dhanori, Vishrantwadi, Yerwada, Shivaji Nagar, Shanivar Wada, Dagdushet Halwai Ganpati, Sarag Baug, Sinhgad Road, Ambegaon BK, Pune-Bangalore Highway, Kambatki Ghat, Wai, and finally, Panchgani.

    The race commenced at 12:30 a.m. in Dhanori, with the green flag waved by Team Sportify Coach Vijay Bansod, and concluded at 10:38 a.m. at the Ravine Hotel in Panchgani.

    A roster of dedicated runners including Akash Holkar, Anubhava Kumar, Anup Shetty, Arvind Upadhyaya, Ashish Pathade, Hitesh Siroya, Kiran Shinde, Kunal Upadhye, Lakshmikandan Balasubramanian, Mangesh Thorat, Neeraj Nagar, Nikhil Raut, Ninad Patil, Nishant Chaudhari, Pradnya Ingale, Sandeep Panwar, Sandip Patil, Satej Nazare, Shweta Kheraj, Vaibhav Nehe, and Vijay Bansod demonstrated remarkable endurance and commitment throughout the relay race. The challenging terrain, particularly the ascents at Kambatki Ghat and Pasarni Ghat, posed a formidable test, with a 15 km climb that tested the runners’ stamina and determination.

    Five support cars strategically stationed along the route provided assistance to the runners, ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated event. The meticulous planning and guidance of Coach Vijay Bansod played a crucial role in the success of the relay race.

    Team Sportify, founded in 2017 in Dhanori, Pune, has been actively involved in promoting running and fitness awareness. Over the past six years, the group has provided free training to hundreds of individuals in Dhanori, Lohgaon, Vishrantwadi, and Tingre Nagar. In addition to relay races, the group conducts various sports programs throughout the year, aiming to make fitness engaging and accessible to all.

    In the words of Vijay Bansod, the running coach and guiding force behind Team Sportify, “Our mission is to spread awareness about running and its health benefits. Sportify team, comprising individuals from different walks of life in Dhanori, Lohegaon, and Vishrantwadi, comes together daily to engage in running and fitness activities, all free of cost.”

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