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    Pune: Woman Injured in Two-Wheeler Accident Due to Collapsed Sewer Chamber on Prabhat Road; BJP Workers Demand Accountability


    Pune, 23rd June 2023: A woman riding a two-wheeler was injured in an accident when a sewer chamber on Prabhat Road collapsed, causing a significant pit on the freshly asphalted road. The incident has sparked a protest by BJP workers against the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

    The accident occurred due to improper alignment of the chamber of drainage and rain gutters during the recent road asphalting carried out by the PMC. This resulted in the formation of a hazardous pit that has been causing collisions and accidents among vehicles. Drivers, trying to avoid the chamber, have been driving recklessly.

    Prabhat Road was tarred by the municipal corporation just a month ago, and prior to the asphalting, a sewage channel was laid along the road. Complaints regarding the deteriorating condition of the chamber lid had been raised in the past few days, but unfortunately, the administration paid little attention to the matter. Tragically, this afternoon, a woman on a two-wheeler crashed into the chamber in front of Hotel Laxman on Prabhat Street.

    In response to the incident, BJP workers organized a protest, with prominent member Sunil Pande threatening to commence a hunger strike until the municipal chamber was repaired. Under mounting pressure, the administration finally acknowledged the issue and initiated repair work on the chamber in the evening.

    Executive Engineer Dinkar Gojare shed some light on the cause of the collapse, stating, “The misalignment of the chamber lid may have been caused by uneven brickwork beneath it.”

    Repair work on the chamber has now commenced, and efforts are underway to rectify the situation promptly. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of proper infrastructure maintenance and timely response to citizen complaints to ensure the safety of road users.

    Neha Raj
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