Pune Traffic Police Introduce Traffic Modifications in Bund Garden and Koregaon Park

In response to the impending reconstruction of the Sadhu Vaswani bridge by the Pune Municipal Corporation, the Pune Traffic Police have unveiled a series of traffic adjustments in the Bund Garden and Koregaon Park vicinities. These alterations aim to effectively manage the anticipated congestion resulting from the bridge’s demolition and reconstruction. Effective from May 25, 2024, until further notice, motorists are urged to familiarize themselves with these changes to navigate the affected areas smoothly.

Traffic Adjustments Overview:

  • Closure of Road Segment: The section between Circuit House Chowk and Blue Diamond Hotel Chowk will be inaccessible to traffic in both directions.
  • One-Way Route Implementation: The stretch from Mahatma Gandhi Udyan Chowk to Blue Diamond Chowk to Moboz Chowk will transition into a one-way route.

Alternate Route: For vehicles from Blue Diamond Hotel Chowk, the alternative route entails proceeding to Mor Odha Chowk, then turning towards Mangaldas Road, and heading to Moboz Chowk. From Mangaldas Chowk, a left turn to IB Chowk, followed by a right turn to Circuit House, and finally, a right turn to Mor Odha Chowk leads to the intended destination.

  • Conversion to One-Way Traffic: The road from Moboz Chowk to Mahatma Gandhi Udyan Chowk (Bund Garden Road) will be designated as one-way.

Alternate Route: Motorists bound for Koregaon Park from Moboz Chowk should continue straight to Shriman Chowk, then make a right turn at Mahatma Gandhi Udyan Chowk towards Koregaon Park via Koregaon Park Junction.

  • Closure of Entry: Entry from Shriman Chowk to Koregaon Park Junction via Mehta Road will be restricted.

Alternate Route: From Shriman Chowk, drivers should take a right turn at Mahatma Gandhi Udyan Chowk towards Koregaon Park.

  • Emergency One-Way Traffic: During emergencies, one-way traffic will be enforced from I V Chowk to Circuit House Chowk to Mor Odha.
  • Unaffected Traffic Flow: Traffic from Blue Diamond Chowk to South Main Road, Koregaon Park will remain unaffected.

Motorists are strongly advised to adhere to these traffic modifications to facilitate smooth traffic flow and circumvent congestion in the impacted zones.

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