Tuesday, December 5, 2023

    Pune: Shooting Incident Near Mahabaleshwar Hotel In Baner Leaves Youth Injured

    Pune: In a startling incident near the Mahabaleshwar Hotel on Baner Road, a young man named Akash Banekar (28) was injured as a result of gunfire stemming from a misunderstanding regarding his employment status. The incident occurred around 9:30 PM on Sunday night, and the victim is currently undergoing treatment for the injuries sustained.

    The complainant, Nilesh Dattatray Pimpalkar (38), a resident of Gujarat Colony, Kothrud, filed a complaint (G. Reg. No. 849/23) with the Chatusringi Police, leading to the subsequent arrest of Aditya Deepak Ranavare and Sagar Laxman Bansode in connection with the firing.

    According to police reports, both Pimpalkar and Rohit Nanavare, the latter having recently been dismissed from their shared workplace at a motor company, were embroiled in a misunderstanding. Rohit, seeking clarification, called Pimpalkar near the Mahabaleshwar Hotel, leading to a heated argument between them. The situation escalated with the involvement of bystanders, who escorted Rohit home.

    Meanwhile, Akash Banekar, another individual involved in the dispute, engaged in a verbal altercation with Aditya Ranavare and Sagar Bansode. The confrontation took a dangerous turn when Aditya allegedly shot a bullet, hitting Akash in the right leg and causing serious injury.

    Upon receiving information about the incident, senior police officers promptly arrived at the scene. The Chatusringi police arrested Aditya Ranavare and Sagar Bansode, confiscating live rounds of a village pistol from them. Chatusringi Police are conducting further investigation into it.



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