Pune: Season’s first mango consignment arrives in Market Yard, Rs 21,000 for 4-dozen box

Pune's Mango Festival

Pune: The first mango consignment of the season has arrived in the city. The rate of a 4-dozen box is Rs 21,000. However, popular ripened fruits will be available in April in the market. The first box of raw mangoes arrived in the Market Yard on Thursday.

A religious ceremony was conducted to welcome the first consignment at the city’s wholesale market. The first batch of the fruit arrived a month ahead as conducive weather conditions are prevailing for the mango crop in the State. The first box was auctioned after the king of fruits was dedicated to the deity at a trader’s shop.

The first box of four dozens was sold at Rs 21,000. Fruit trader Balasaheb Kunjir bought the first consignment. The Ratnagiri Hapus variety was brought by a mango grower, Sunil, from Pavas in Konkan at trader Kishor Ladkat’s shop.

Available at affordable prices in March

A few boxes of the crop had arrived in December from Devgad in Konkan. It was expected that mangoes would continue to arrive in the market. However, a change in the weather hit the crop. Wholesale traders said that adverse weather conditions may delay a steady supply till March. Commoners will have to wait till then to taste the fruit.

Mangoes from Konkan and Malawi in Africa arrived in the market. However, unseasonal rain adversely affected the crop. Hence, the expected arrival of mangoes was delayed. Usually, the crop blooms in the winter season. But chilly weather conditions have been playing hide and seek. The initial bloom withered away. Farmers will have to wait for a fresh bloom. Therefore, there will be a delay in the arrival of the crop. The Konkan Hapus variety may arrive after March 15, said wholesaler Shivajirao Chavan.

Expenditure on preserving mangoes has increased due to unpredictable weather conditions. Insecticides need to be sprayed several times in such weather conditions, which increase the maintenance cost.

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