Pune: Prolonged Power Outages in Dhanori Raise Concerns Among Residents

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Residents of Dhanori in Pune are grappling with prolonged power outages, exacerbating discomfort and inconvenience in the scorching summer heat. The issue, which has persisted since last week’s unseasonal rains, has left citizens frustrated and authorities seemingly unresponsive.

A resident of Mayur Kilbil society in Dhanori reached out to Pune Pulse, highlighting the persisting power cuts that have plagued the area since yesterday evening. The situation has only worsened following the recent rains. Attempts to contact the authorities have been met with frustration, as mobile networks are either busy or the calls are being blocked. Even the official helpline numbers, such as MSEDCL’s 1912 and 9930399303, have proven unfruitful, with residents reporting either non-functionality or lack of response.

Efforts to escalate the issue through various channels, including online complaints, have yielded little to no resolution. Residents lament that calls are often disconnected after 12 hours, leaving them in the dark, quite literally, for extended periods. The power cuts, lasting 5-6 hours and occurring 2-3 times a day, disrupt daily life activities and exacerbate health concerns, especially for vulnerable groups such as young children.

Mr. Ajay Agarwal, a concerned resident, expressed disillusionment with the apathy of Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) officials, noting a lack of responsiveness across all relevant authorities.

Given the dire circumstances and the financial commitments of residents in paying their electricity bills, there is a growing urgency for immediate action from MSEDCL. Residents stress the need for timely communication regarding scheduled maintenance or any other reasons for power interruptions, similar to the notifications provided for Thursday maintenance work in certain areas of Pune city.

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