Pune Police Takes Swift Action Against Gang Threatening Food Vendors, Externs Four Offenders

Pune, 23rd June 2023: In a commendable display of law enforcement, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 3) Suhail Sharma has cracked down on a gang involved in intimidating local food and vegetable vendors in the Sinhagad Road area. As a result, four individuals have been externed (tadipar) from the Pune district for a period of one year.

The individuals who faced externment include Ganesh Pandurang Chorge (23) from Vadgaon Budruk, Karan Arjun Dalvi (19), Manoj Nagaraj Kattimani (21) from Kirkitwadi, and Dinesh Laxman Dhavle (23) from Hingane Khurd.

This group, consisting of Chorge, Dalvi, Kattimani, and Dhavale, had been engaging in criminal activities such as extortion by targeting food vendors, vegetable sellers, and business owners along Sinhagad Road.

The senior police officials, led by Senior Police Inspector Abhay Mahajan from Sinhagad Road Police Station, along with Crime Branch Inspector Jayant Rajurkar and Sub-Inspectors Ganesh Mokashi, Meenakshi Mahadik, Smita Chavan, and Prathamesh Gurav, meticulously investigated the matter and put forth a proposal for the externment of these individuals from the Pune city area.

Upon reviewing the proposal, DCP Suhail Sharma approved the action and ordered the expulsion of the four offenders from Pune city and district for a period of one year. This decision serves as a stern message to those involved in criminal activities, emphasizing the commitment of the Pune Police in ensuring the safety and security of local businesses and residents.

The crackdown on this gang not only brings relief to the targeted food vendors and vegetable sellers but also demonstrates the proactive approach of the police department in maintaining law and order within the city. Such decisive actions play a crucial role in deterring criminals and preserving the peace and harmony of the community.

The externment of these individuals will act as a deterrent, preventing them from causing harm to the local community and engaging in unlawful activities. It serves as a reminder that the Pune Police are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for all residents and businesses, encouraging a sense of security and trust among the local population..

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