Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar Inspected Traffic Woes at University Chowk; Reprimand Concern Authorities Over Casual Approach (Video)

Pune: On Thursday, February 29, Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar inspected the traffic situation at University Chowk, addressing longstanding grievances and concerns plaguing commuters. At that time, he also held concerned authorities responsible for their non-serious attitude towards this compounding issue.

Commissioner Kumar wasted no time in addressing the myriad issues besetting University Chowk, particularly the proliferation of potholes, scattered sands, and haphazardly placed barricades exacerbating the traffic woes. Confronting municipal and metro officers on-site, he expressed vehement dissatisfaction and demanded swift action to rectify the situation. With an air of palpable frustration, the police commissioner admonished authorities, pressing them for a concrete timeline for the completion of pending road repairs and infrastructure projects.

The ongoing construction of the metro and flyover bridge has compounded the traffic woes at University Chowk, subjecting commuters to daily gridlock and inconvenience. The blame for the persistent traffic snarls has been directed towards the traffic department, prompting Commissioner Kumar to personally assess the situation and address the grievances of commuters.

In addition to University Chowk, Commissioner Kumar also inspected other key roads, including Baner, Pashan, and Sus Road, at this time. The sight of commuters navigating through treacherous sands and disorganised barricades only served to exacerbate Kumar’s ire, prompting him to issue stern reprimands to municipal and metro officers responsible for the infrastructure projects.

At this time, Additional Police Commissioner Manoj Patil and Traffic Deputy Commissioner Shashikant Borate were also present with him.

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