Thursday, November 30, 2023

    Pune: MSRTC Launches New Shivneri Bus Service Connecting Shivajinagar and Nashik

    Pune, 3rd July 2023: The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation Limited (MSRTC) has recently introduced the Shivneri Volvo bus service between Pune and Nashik. This new bus service, which commenced operations on July 1, aims to enhance the frequency of buses connecting these two cities.

    According to officials from MSRTC, the Shivneri bus will operate between Shivajinagar in Pune and Nashik. The fare for this bus service will be set at Rs 500, as announced by the MSRTC authorities. It is worth noting that there is currently a Shivshahi bus service available between Pune and Nashik, with a fare of Rs 475.

    In line with the half fare scheme for women introduced by the state government, female passengers will also benefit from reduced fares. Women traveling on the Shivneri bus between Pune and Nashik under this scheme will only be required to pay Rs 255, providing them with a cost-effective transportation option.

    Neha Raj
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