Pune Metro: Survey in Progress to Identify Parking Spaces Near Stations

In a bid to cater to the increasing number of commuters using the Pune Metro, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Maha Metro have initiated a joint survey to locate suitable parking spaces near metro stations. This strategic move aims to enhance the convenience of metro riders and alleviate the challenges of finding parking in the bustling city.

The first noteworthy development in this initiative involves the handover of PMC’s only mechanized parking lot located on J M Road to Maha Metro. The plan for this transfer had been on the table for approximately three years. However, due to various factors, including the COVID-19 lockdown and other restrictions, it remained pending. Initially, the lack of metro services to the Deccan area also contributed to the delay. But with the extension of the metro’s railway route, the demand for convenient parking space has surged, prompting the two entities to collaborate on the facility.

A senior PMC official stated, “The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had approached Maha Metro about taking over the facility around three years ago. But things did not work out because of lockdown and other restrictions. Then, Metro services were not available till Deccan initially. But since the launch of the extended railway route, the need for parking space has gone up. Now PMC’s mechanized parking lot can be used by Metro commuters.”

Simultaneously, efforts to identify parking locations near other metro stations are in full swing. A dedicated committee comprising civic and Metro officials has been tasked with the responsibility of visiting each metro station to pinpoint suitable parking areas. While some locations have already been finalized, others will soon be identified to cater to the increasing demand for parking, which has surged following the extension of metro services.

Shriniwas Bonala, a senior official of PMC’s traffic department, explained, “A committee of civic and Metro officials has been constituted. They are visiting each Metro station to find suitable parking areas. Some locations have been finalized, while others would be identified soon. The demand for parking has gone up after the ridership of Metro rail has increased after its services were extended.”

According to Maha Metro officials, daily ridership has witnessed a steady rise, with numbers soaring to 80,000-100,000 on holidays and weekends. On weekdays, footfall typically ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 passengers. Recognizing the growing trend of citizens choosing the metro for their daily commute, steps are being taken to strengthen the last-mile connectivity. However, many individuals still prefer to use their personal vehicles to reach the nearest metro station before transitioning to the metro rail system, thus necessitating additional parking spaces.

The joint committee of civic and Metro officials is focusing on identifying parking reservations outlined in the city’s development plan near metro stations. These locations must be easily accessible and within walking distance from the stations. In total, 20 such parking locations are slated to be identified along the metro routes. The actual search for these sites is set to commence next week.

It’s worth noting that PMC had initially introduced the mechanized parking facility near Sambhaji Garden in 2007 to address on-street parking issues on J M Road. This parking lot currently has the capacity to accommodate 80 cars, with a nominal fee of Rs 5 per hour per car. In 2015, PMC temporarily sealed the facility following an inspection, after which a significant portion was being utilized by a private car dealer for vehicle storage. However, the facility was later reopened to the public. Despite these efforts, it did not garner sufficient utilization, prompting the decision to hand it over to Maha Metro.

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