Pune IT Engineer Loses 13 Lakhs to Cybercrime: Cautionary Tale for Job Seekers


In a recent incident, a Software Engineer from Kalyani Nagar in Pune, currently unemployed, became a victim of cybercrime, losing a staggering amount of 13 lakhs to a fraudulent job offer.

Approximately a month ago, the engineer applied for a job based in New Zealand through an online platform. The scam unfolded when the fraudster, posing as a recruiter, demanded money from the victim for various formalities related to the job, such as visa processing, passport, character certificate verification, and more. Over a span of 25 days, the fraudster successfully extracted a total of 13 lakhs from the unsuspecting victim.

Ashalata Kapre, Police Inspector Crime at Yerwada Police Station, emphasized the critical need for cyber awareness, especially as cybercrimes are on the rise in Pune. She noted that educated individuals or retirees often fall prey to such frauds. Kapre urged the public to exercise caution while using digital platforms, highlighting that frequent job searches on Google can expose individuals to hackers.

“People should be aware that a vegetable vendor won’t give us anything worth Rs. 2 for free, so why will anyone in the world do it for us?” said Kapre, stressing the importance of skepticism in online interactions.

Another emerging cyber fraud in Pune involves victims receiving messages claiming money has been mistakenly transferred to their accounts, followed by a call urging them to transfer it back. Falling for this ruse, victims unwittingly transfer money back, only to receive further requests citing health crises or emergencies. Many individuals, without verifying details, succumb to these cyber scams and end up transferring money to fraudsters.

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