Pune: Fatal Friction Escalates: Man Fatally Struck by Car in One-Sided Relationship Dispute (Video)

Murder Case

Pune: Fed up with the persistent disputes over the one-sided relationship, one person brutally killed another person by heinously running a four-wheeler car on his body. This incident took place on Friday, April 12, in the afternoon hours in front of the Ayodhya Hotel on the Pune-Nashik highway. In this regard, Narayangaon Police have apprehended two accused, including one woman, based on the CCTV footage of the premises.

The murdered individual has been identified as Sabir Mohammad Shafi Byapari (45), and he was a resident of Panasumba Peth, Junnar. As per the information, the deceased Sabir Byapari and Jeba Irfan Fakir live in the same village in Junnar, and Sabir was in one-sided love with Jeba Irfan Fakir. Jeba works for a company in Kandali Vasahat.

For the office, Jeba was daily travelling from Junnar to Kandali Vasahat. Meanwhile, Jeba came into contact with Abhijit Sonawane, an agricultural land surveyor in the taluka. Soon after that, their acquaintance turned into a romantic relationship, and they both started dating each other.

When Sabir learned about it, he argued with Abhijit and warned him to stay away from Jeba. This led to a fiery altercation between them earlier. On Thursday, on the occasion of Eid, Abhijit went to Jeba’s house. Over this, Sabir again raised objections and started arguing with Abhijit.

On Friday morning, when Jeba was going to her office in the morning, Sabir started chasing her. After Jeba learned about it, she informed Abhijit regarding it. Accordingly, on Friday around two o’clock, Abhjit stopped Sabir in front of the Ayodhya Hotel on the Pune-Nashik highway.

During the altercation between them again, the enraged Abhjit drove his car over Sabir’s body, which resulted in Sabir’s death. All this chilling incident was captured in local CCTV cameras. After learning about the information, a Muslim community from the area gathered in large numbers at the police station and demanded stricter action against the accused in this case.

Accordingly, police apprehend the accused, Abhijit Sonawane and Jeba Fakir. Both accused confessed their involvement in the crime. After that, both were taken into custody. Assistant Police Inspector Mahadev Shelar is conducting further investigation into it.

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