Pune: Family Alleges Negligence After 14-Year-Old Dies at Poona Hospital

Swaraj Pagare

Pune: In a shocking incident, the family of a 14-year-old boy claims that their son’s death was due to the negligence of doctors at the city-based Poona Hospital. Instead of informing the family first, the hospital called the police, who deployed a heavy police presence before notifying the already traumatized family, leaving them humiliated and hurt.

The deceased, Swaraj Pagare (14), was a resident of Donje and a ninth-grade student at Nobel Blooming Bird School. His father, Subodh, has approached the Pune city police, resulting in a case of accidental death being reported at Vishrambaug police station. Subodh alleges medical negligence and has requested that the hospital and concerned doctors and staff be investigated. The police are awaiting the post-mortem report from Sassoon General Hospital. The incident occurred between June 11 and 14.

On June 11, Swaraj was returning home from tuition via a shared six-seater autorickshaw. The crowded vehicle was hit by another car, injuring Swaraj’s right leg. The family rushed him to Poona Hospital for treatment.

Subodh Pagare recounted, “On June 11, Swaraj’s mother noticed he was in severe pain with a badly injured right leg. We took him to Poona Hospital, where an X-ray revealed a cracked thigh bone requiring surgery. We were asked to deposit Rs. 90,000, and although we requested immediate treatment, the hospital demanded full payment first. We managed to pay Rs. 30,000 by the next morning.”

He continued, “On June 13, the hospital insisted on the remaining Rs. 60,000 before proceeding with the operation. Despite our pleas for immediate surgery, they refused to proceed without full payment. Swaraj’s leg was swollen, but he was conscious and in good spirits.”

“Finally, on June 14, Swaraj was taken to the operation theater. After being given anesthesia, the doctors informed us that his heart rate was increasing and blood pressure was dropping. They claimed he had a rare reaction, affecting only 1 in 2.5 lakh patients, and urgently needed a drug available only in Mumbai. My brother Sachin rushed to Mumbai to get the medicine.”

“At 4 PM, the hospital demanded Rs. 80,000 for dialysis, threatening to withhold treatment otherwise. While we arranged the money, they informed us at 6:30 PM that Swaraj had died. We believe his death was due to the doctors’ negligence and failure to provide timely treatment.”

Poona Hospital’s doctors explained, “The child developed Malignant Hyperthermia, a rare reaction to anesthesia, causing a rapid rise in body temperature and muscle breakdown. We tried everything, including ICU and cooling measures, but the only effective drug, Dantrolene, was not available in Pune. We informed the family, but it was too late.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police Sandip Gill stated, “We are investigating. Currently, the case is registered as accidental death, but based on the post-mortem report and expert opinions from Sassoon General Hospital, further action will be taken.”

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