Wednesday, February 28, 2024

    Pune District Launches Campaign To Issue Caste Certificate For Backward Class (BC) Students


    Pune : According to Additional Collector and Chairman Pune District Caste Verification Committee Dr. Praveen Kumar Devare, a special campaign will be conducted till July 26 through the caste verification committee in the district.

    Under this campaign caste certificate will be given to the backward class students studying in the school itself, as well as caste validity certificate will be given to the students of Class XI and XII science department, CET exam candidates and all the backward class students admitted to third year diploma course.

    Deore said that for the students to get caste certificate in the school itself, the Collector’s Office has initiated the necessary planning and efficient functioning system through the Deputy Director of Education, Primary and Secondary Group Education, Sub-Divisional Officer, Tehsildar, School Principal.

    The main objective of this campaign is that backward class students should not be deprived of caste certificate. In this, coordination (nodal) officers from schools and colleges will play an important role in this process. By taking complete applications of backward class students from schools and colleges, they will coordinate with District Caste Verification Committee as well as Deputy Divisional Officer, Tehsildar’s office to provide Caste Certificate and Caste Validity Certificate to the students



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