Friday, March 1, 2024

    Pune Cab Drivers Threaten Fierce Protest Over Unfair Business Practices

    "Indian Gig Front Cabs Association demands immediate implementation of revised cab rates to protect the livelihoods of auto and cab drivers


    In a bold move, the Indian Gig Front Cabs (IGF Cabs) Association in Pune has raised their voice against what they perceive as unjust practices in the cab industry. The association is demanding the immediate implementation of revised cab rates to ensure fair earnings for auto and cab drivers. In a recent statement, Dr Keshav Kshirsagar, President of the IGF Cabs & Baghtoy Rickshawala Association, warned of an upcoming fierce protest if their demands are not met promptly.

    The association argues that if other cab services can operate illegally in Pune without facing consequences, then auto and cab drivers should also be allowed to run their services in a similar manner. Dr Kshirsagar highlighted the exploitation faced by poor drivers in the state, emphasizing that many cab companies are thriving without valid licenses, all while the authorities remain silent.

    Posters with the message “Allow us to do illegal business too!” have been prominently displayed on several cabs in Pune. The posters draw attention to the alleged exploitation of drivers by cab companies that ignore the revised cab rates announced by the Pune District Collector. The drivers question why they should adhere to all the rules when the companies flout regulations without facing repercussions.

    Dr Kshirsagar revealed that the association had communicated their concerns to Sanjeev Bhor, a senior Pune RTO officer, urging a decision on the implementation of revised cab rates by February 12th. If a fair and beneficial decision is not reached by the specified date, the association plans to announce a protest soon.

    The looming threat of a severe protest underscores the urgency of addressing the grievances of cab drivers in Pune. As the authorities face mounting pressure to enforce regulations and protect the livelihoods of hardworking drivers, the outcome of this situation remains uncertain.

    Neha Raj
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