Thursday, February 29, 2024

    Pune: Bhagini Nivedita Bank Faces 50 Lakh Scam As Pune Couple Orchestrates Elaborate Flat Mortgage Fraud


    Pune: In a shocking revelation, a scam involving the fraudulent sale of a mortgaged flat has come to light in Pune’s Prabhat Road area. Chief Executive Officer Smita Kishore Deshpande, aged 57 and a resident of Karvenagar, has filed a complaint with the Deccan Police Station against Gurbirsingh Lamba, his wife Ramita Lamba, and Amit Ravikiran Gaikwad.

    The couple is accused of orchestrating an intricate scam between July 28, 2022, and October 31, 2022, defrauding a bank of a substantial sum, amounting to Rs 50 lakhs. The charges filed against them include sections under IPC 420, 406, 465, 467, 471, and 34.

    According to police reports, Gurbirsingh Lamba and his wife secured a loan of Rs 50 lakhs by pledging a flat registered under the Bhagini Nivedita Bank. Allegedly, after obtaining the loan, the accused hatched a conspiracy to fabricate counterfeit documents related to the flat, creating the false impression that the borrowed amount had been repaid.

    The scam unfolded as the trio prepared a forged ‘Release Deed’ document, which was then submitted to the sub-registrar’s office. With the help of this deceptive paperwork, they purportedly sold the mortgaged flat to Amit Gaikwad. To solidify the transaction, a document detailing the sale was also fabricated.

    By deceptively selling a flat to another person, the couple defrauded a bank of a substantial sum of 50 lakh rupees. Further investigation is being conducted by police sub-inspector More.



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