Pune Airport’s Earth Lounge Under Scrutiny After Passenger Falls Ill

Concerns Arise Over Food Quality and Hygiene Standards at Airport Eatery

Pune Airport’s Earth Lounge has come under scrutiny following reports of a passenger falling ill after consuming food at the establishment. Dr. Sameer Bhate, a senior surgeon, raised concerns about the quality of food and hygiene standards at the lounge, prompting a swift response from airport authorities.

Dr. Bhate recounted his harrowing experience, describing the food at Earth Lounge as not only below par but also foul-tasting. His ordeal, marked by food poisoning and an upset stomach upon reaching Delhi, underscores the need for stringent measures to ensure the safety of passengers.

In his email to Pune Airport Authorities, Dr. Bhate highlighted the deplorable conditions at the eatery, emphasizing overcrowding, lack of cleanliness, and poor hygiene practices among staff. He called for immediate intervention to address the substandard conditions and safeguard the health and well-being of travelers.

Responding to the complaint, Santosh Dhoke, director of Pune Airport Authority, assured prompt action, acknowledging the establishment of a committee to investigate the matter. While acknowledging that the eatery is managed by a third party, Dhoke reiterated the airport’s commitment to monitoring the situation closely and implementing necessary measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

However, when contacted, the unit manager of Earth Lounge expressed ignorance about the complaint, suggesting a potential communication gap between authorities and the outlet management.

Passenger Saurabh Choudhary echoed Dr. Bhate’s sentiments, describing Earth Lounge as among the least satisfactory eateries he has encountered. He cited subpar food quality, limited food spread, and malfunctioning coffee machines as recurring issues faced by travelers.

As concerns mount over the standards of Pune Airport’s Earth Lounge, passengers emphasize the importance of stringent regulations, adequate dining amenities, and adherence to hygiene protocols to ensure a safe and pleasant travel experience.

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