Protesters Burn Papers in Pimpri Chinchwad Against Government’s Contract-Based Employee Recruitment Decision

In a vocal display of opposition, members of the Maratha Yuva Mahasanghana have expressed their discontent with the decision by the Shinde-Fadnavis-Pawar government to recruit government employees on a contract basis. The symbolic paper-burning protest serves as a stark reminder of the community’s frustration with the government’s recent actions.

Dhanaji Yelkar-Patil, alongside prominent social activists Manav Kamble and Maruti Bhapkar, participated in the protest held in front of the Nigdi Tehsil office. This demonstration comes as a response to the government’s recent move in Maharashtra to hire government employees on a contract basis.

In a conversation, social activist Maruti Bhapkar remarked, “The government’s decision to opt for contract-based employment is a cause for concern. Since 2014, we have witnessed instances of contract-based hiring, even in critical sectors such as the army and police. Despite temporary reversals, this practice persists. Such a stance contradicts the government’s assertion of being a nation for the people.”

Bhapkar continued, “Our communities have conducted numerous protests, seeking reservations, as seen with the Maratha, Dhangar, and OBC communities, with the hope of securing stable employment opportunities. However, contract-based hiring poses a significant setback for our youth, representing a substantial loss for them. I vehemently oppose this decision.”

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