Sunday, February 25, 2024

    PMC’s Sky Sign Department Enforces Strict Measures Against Shop Owners’ Violations

    Cracking Down on Defiance: PMC Takes Action to Ensure Compliance with Sky Sign Regulations


    Pune: In its ruling against showing nameplates on shops in other languages apart from Marathi, the Supreme Court has made it mandatory for all the shops to put Marathi nameplates on their shops. However, after the extension of the given period, many shops in Pune and other parts of the state were found to be openly defying the Supreme Court’s orders.

    In its latest move to enforce the Supreme Court’s guidelines, the Sky Sign and Licencing Department has issued circulars ordering action against shop owners who do not put up boards in Marathi on their shops.

    The Maharashtra Government amended the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act 2017 in March 2022. According to the provisions of Section 36A of the act, it is mandatory to have nameplates of the shops in Marathi Devnagri script, in bold letters. Furthermore, the Supreme Court allows for nameplates in other languages too; however, it was mentioned that the name in Marathi cannot be kept shorter than the names of other languages.

    The Federation of Retail Traders Association was moved to court against this government order; however, the court has upheld the order and given a deadline of two months to put the name boards of shops and establishments in Marathi Devnagari script in bold letters.

    Officials confirmed that, though many establishments contain the names of shops in Marathi, they have intentionally kept the size of Marathi sign boards smaller. According to officials, it is also a serious violation of the court’s order. Therefore, to take action on it, the Deputy Commissioner of the Sky Sign and Licence Department, Jagtap, has directed the Deputy Commissioner off the circle, including assistant commissioners of all regional offices, to take action against such establishments.

    Furthermore, the municipal corporation ordered that any place where liquor is sold should not be named after great personalities or forts.



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