PMC’s Monsoon Preparedness Questioned as Sancheti Bridge Subway Faces Waterlogging

Sancheti Bridge Subway

Pune: The effectiveness of Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) monsoon preparations came into question when heavy rainfall in the past two days resulted in serious waterlogging and traffic congestion at the subway near Sancheti bridge. The impact on traffic was evident as knee-deep water accumulated at the subway, disrupting the smooth flow of vehicles and causing significant inconvenience and delays for commuters during peak hours. Neeta Khadke, a regular traveler who uses the Sancheti bridge, shared her experience, stating, “The subway is completely inundated with water, leading authorities to restrict movement and redirect all traffic to the Sancheti bridge, resulting in traffic snarls.”

Commutes are being disrupted and individuals are facing inconveniences due to this situation. “The civic body had assured us that all necessary measures had been taken to prevent waterlogging before the monsoon arrived,” claimed Khadke. “But reality paints a completely different picture.” Another commuter, Nividita Kelapure, expressed concern about the situation, highlighting the risks posed to commuters by flooding, especially at the subway, with slippery roads and water-filled potholes increasing the chances of accidents. “Authorities need to address the issue promptly to ensure the safety and convenience of motorists,” she emphasized.

The Pune Fire Department’s Assistant Divisional Officer, Ramesh Gangad, shared insights into the incident, saying, “We received a complaint about waterlogging around 6 p.m. Our team quickly responded to clear the obstructions and we are currently investigating the cause. This is the first time such a crisis has occurred in the area.” He further explained that the ongoing metro work has resulted in a choked underground water outlet, leading to waterlogging. Additionally, several areas in the city experienced waterlogging, causing traffic jams in multiple locations. Despite assurances from the city administration regarding pre-monsoon cleaning of drains, the issue persists.

As the monsoon continues, authorities face the pressing task of addressing the waterlogging situation at the Sancheti bridge subway and ensuring the smooth flow of traffic in affected areas. Commuters eagerly await prompt and effective measures to alleviate the inconvenience caused by waterlogged subways and roads during this rainy season.

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