PMC Takes Action Against Ganesh Mandals for Not Removing Pandals, Seizes Material from 22 Locations

    The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has initiated a crackdown on Ganesh Mandals that have failed to dismantle their pandals following the conclusion of the festival. In the past two days, PMC’s anti-encroachment department has taken action against 22 such mandals, confiscating their materials.

    Non-compliance with Removal Deadlines

    According to municipal officials, the Ganesh Mandals were granted a two-day grace period to clear city roads of their pandals once the festival ended. However, numerous mandals have not yet commenced the removal process, causing inconvenience to commuters navigating the city’s streets.

    During the Ganesh festival, the municipal corporation had granted permission to 2,905 Ganesh Mandals to set up pandals within the city. Mandals were explicitly prohibited from obstructing roads and inconveniencing the public during the erection of their pandals. In addition to the main pandals, civic authorities have also identified instances of advertisement hoardings being installed during the festival.

    Stringent Actions and Deadlines

    Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar has instructed relevant officials to take strict actions against the non-compliant pandals. Starting Monday morning, officials initiated the crackdown by placing barricades on roads where these pandals are situated.

    While some mandals have begun removing their pandals, those with advertisements displayed outside or within their premises will face stringent consequences, with unauthorized advertisements set to be removed. Ganesh Mandals have been given a deadline of October 7 to clear the remaining materials of pandals and advertisements from city roads.

    The Pune Municipal Corporation’s proactive measures against Ganesh Mandals that have not complied with removal regulations demonstrate the city’s commitment to maintaining public convenience and safety. This action reinforces the importance of adhering to stipulated guidelines during festivals to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and minimal disruption to citizens.

    Neha Raj
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