PMC Faces Backlash Over Water Mismanagement in Hadapsar

Citizens Express Frustration as Notices Issued for Alleged Water Wastage

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Hadapsar – Mundhwa Ward Office has drawn ire from residents of Tukai Darshan and Fursungi areas after issuing notices for alleged water wastage. Citizens are expressing frustration over the lack of a consistent water supply schedule and perceived arbitrary actions by the municipal authorities.

Residents allege that the PMC failed to conduct proper inquiries or provide reasons before issuing notices, exacerbating existing grievances over irregular water supply. With water being released intermittently and often at night, residents find it challenging to plan around the unpredictable schedule, leading to accusations of mismanagement and negligence on the part of the PMC.

The lack of potable water supply in the area despite levying house and water taxes for the past seven years further compounds residents’ frustrations. Complaints to PMC helplines have yielded little to no action, leaving residents feeling neglected and their concerns unaddressed.

Responsibility for water release falls on local villagers and municipal workers, who are accused of arbitrary behavior and indifference towards citizens’ needs. Despite repeated complaints and appeals for a fixed water supply schedule, authorities have failed to provide satisfactory responses or take corrective action.

Indrabhan Randive, Executive Engineer of the Lashkar Water Supply Department, defended the PMC’s actions, citing instances of water wastage observed in the area. He emphasized the importance of water conservation amidst a water crisis and affirmed the municipality’s commitment to penalizing instances of wastage.

Citizens have raised several complaints regarding water management in the area, including irregular release times, reluctance from water dispensers to fulfill their duties, and demands for bribes in exchange for water services. These grievances highlight systemic issues within the PMC’s water supply department that need urgent attention and resolution.

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