Outcry Erupts at Sassoon Hospital: Patient in ICU Succumbs to Rat Bites, Relatives Demand Justice

Tragic Death Raises Questions of Negligence and Accountability in Pune’s Healthcare System

Tensions flared at Sassoon Hospital in Pune as relatives of a patient who died from multiple rat bites while in the intensive care unit (ICU) voiced their outrage, demanding accountability from hospital authorities. The deceased, identified as Sagar Renuse, 30, from Bhor, was admitted to the hospital on March 16. His health deteriorated during his hospitalization, culminating in his demise in the ICU on March 26. Relatives, shocked by the revelation of rat bites as the cause of death, refused to accept Renuse’s body until assurances were made regarding action against those responsible.

Initial denial from hospital authorities regarding the cause of death fueled suspicions of negligence. However, subsequent acknowledgment of the rat bite injuries incited anger among the deceased’s family members. They called for an FIR to be lodged against the hospital management and attending doctors. In response to escalating tensions, authorities ordered heavy police presence to prevent any disturbances.

Dean Vinayak Kale assured the formation of an inquiry committee to investigate the matter thoroughly. Kale emphasized the need to establish whether rat bites indeed caused Renuse’s death. He clarified that Renuse was initially admitted due to alcohol-induced illness but had since been on a ventilator. Despite complaints of rat bites, Kale cautioned against hastily attributing them to Renuse’s demise.

Vijay Kumbar, AAP state vice-president, condemned the incident, highlighting the tragic consequences of the healthcare system’s failings. He underscored the need for accountability amidst the ongoing challenges faced by patients in accessing quality medical care.

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