Thursday, November 30, 2023

    No Hassle, Just Power: Mahavitaran’s Automated Name Change for Property Owners

    In a commendable move towards enhancing the Ease of Living, Mahavitaran has introduced an automated system for the change of electricity connection names, specifically catering to property buyers. This streamlined process eliminates the need for property owners to file a separate application, making it more convenient and efficient.

    Streamlined Process for New Owners: The collaborative effort between Mahavitaran and the Registration and Stamps Department has resulted in a simplified process for changing the name on electricity connections. The automation kicks in during the public data entry phase before property registration, ensuring a seamless transition.

    Advantages of the Automatic Name Change Process:

    1. Integration with Registration System: The interconnected computer systems of Mahavitaran and the Registration and Stamps Department ensure a smooth and error-free process.
    2. Elimination of Document Uploads: The tedious task of uploading identity cards and other documents for a name change is now a thing of the past, streamlining the process and making it more efficient.
    3. Automatic Notifications: Mahavitaran takes the initiative to keep property buyers informed by sending SMS and web links to the registered mobile number, facilitating the process further.

    Conditions and Requirements:

    1. Processing Fee: Property buyers need to pay a processing fee within 60 days of receiving the SMS to avoid automatic cancellation of the name change process.
    2. No Objection Certificate: In cases of joint property ownership, a No Objection Certificate from other parties involved is a necessary requirement.
    3. Check for Dues: Mahavitaran advises buyers to ensure there are no outstanding electricity bills from previous owners, preventing potential legal complications.

    Conclusion: Mahavitaran’s introduction of this automated process for electricity connection name changes signifies a considerable stride in simplifying administrative procedures for property buyers. This not only saves time for consumers but also contributes to an enhanced overall customer experience.

    Neha Raj
    Neha uses his broad range of knowledge to help explain the latest gadgets and if they’re a must-buy or a fad fueled by hype. Though her specialty is writing about everything going on in the world of virtual reality and augmented reality.



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