Moderate Rainfall Recorded in Pune, Ghat Area Receives Heavy Rain

Pune Rainfall

Pune city has experienced an average rainfall of 78 mm over a period of approximately ten days during the month of June. On Friday, the city and its surrounding regions were consistently under the influence of rain. The Ghat area of the district received heavy rainfall, while the suburbs of the city and rural areas of the district witnessed relatively less precipitation.

As per the Pune office of the Meteorological Department’s website, the city received an average rainfall of 78 mm over a span of ten days in June. The recorded rainfall figures for specific dates are as follows: 7.1 mm on June 2, 13.3 mm on June 5, 0.2 mm on June 17, and 0.1 mm on June 18. Monsoon showers became active in Pune around June 25, with rainfall of 14.2 mm on June 25, 10.8 mm on June 26, 7 mm on June 27, 15 mm on June 28, 10.3 mm on June 29, and 6 mm of rainfall until 8:30 am on June 30, reported in the Shivajinagar area.

Furthermore, on Friday, an average rainfall of 10.3 mm was recorded in the city and its surrounding areas. Pashan received 14.7 mm of rainfall, while Lohgaon recorded 14.4 mm. With the exception of the ghat area in the district, the region is still anticipating substantial rainfall.

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