Khadki Cantonment Board: Health Hazard Looms as Water Channels Pass through Sewers

Khadki Cantonment Board (KCB)

Pune : In several areas within the Khadki Cantonment Board limits, a concerning issue has come to light where water channels have been passing through sewers. This poses a significant risk of water contamination, jeopardizing the health of the citizens residing in these areas. The administration of Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital has expressed their concerns over the increasing number of patients suffering from waterborne diseases caused by contaminated water. In response, they are demanding immediate action from the board administration to rectify this situation.

The problem lies in many wards where water channels intersect with sewers. Unauthorized connections are made by some citizens, tapping into the main water channels. Additionally, due to the deteriorated condition of certain water channels, there is a high possibility of contaminated water seeping into the channels through holes. The presence of these holes in the water pipes, coupled with unauthorized connections and taps without proper seals, allows contaminated water to enter the water supply during periods of water shut-offs. This, in turn, poses a severe health hazard to the residents.

The administration of Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital has emphasized the urgent need for the board administration to take appropriate measures to address this issue. They have highlighted the fact that the hospital has witnessed an increasing number of patients suffering from waterborne diseases caused by the consumption of contaminated water.

The responsibility of laying new water channels in the area lies with the administration. However, it has been observed that many citizens are making unauthorized connections to the water channels, and the administration seems to be turning a blind eye to this practice. The concerned citizens are demanding the immediate removal of the water channels from the sewers and their relocation to a separate location to ensure the safety and purity of the water supply.

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