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    Innovation in Railway Amenities: Converting Condemned Coaches for Employee Comfort

    Showcasing creative initiatives where old rail coaches are repurposed to enhance employee facilities and welfare


    Employees at Diesel Shed, Ghorpadi, Pune, now have a new reason to look forward to breaks as a refurbished staff canteen within an old condemned coach was inaugurated on November 30, 2023. Since its establishment in 1982, the Diesel Shed has been a hub of round-the-clock activities, with over eight hundred employees working in three shifts. This initiative aims to enhance the well-being of the workforce and improve their work environment.

    The canteen project was executed by the dedicated efforts of Diesel Loco Shed employees, Pune, who modified the old condemned coach to create a comfortable and functional space. Outsourced to Quinn India, Bangalore, the canteen is expected to contribute not only to employee welfare but also generate revenue for the Railways.

    Smt. Indu Dubey, Divisional Railway Manager, along with other railway officials, graced the inaugural function, emphasizing the importance of providing essential amenities for the employees. The canteen is poised to serve as a convenient solution for the workforce, enabling them to meet their food and snack requirements without leaving the premises, particularly during odd hours.

    Given the strenuous nature of loco maintenance activities, the canteen offers a refreshing break for employees, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in their work. Additionally, it addresses the needs of employees commuting from long distances, providing them with quality and delicious food at reasonable rates.

    In conjunction with the canteen inauguration, a pantograph test bench was also introduced during the program. This initiative, under the guidance of Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer (Diesel) Shri D.K. Tripathi, aims to enhance the quality control of pantographs, ultimately reducing loco failures.

    This multifaceted initiative not only focuses on employee welfare but also introduces measures to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of locomotive operations.

    Neha Raj
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