Hyena Sighting Sparks Concern in Pride World City, Residents Urged to Exercise Caution

In a startling incident, a video has surfaced on social media capturing a hyena wandering in Pride World City at Dhanori Lohegaon Road, raising concerns among residents and prompting heightened caution in the vicinity.

The footage, shared by a user named Noel Daniel on social media, shows the hyena’s presence in the area, causing alarm among the residents. In his post, Daniel urged authorities to take action, stating, “Hyena spotted in Dhanori and now in Pride World City, very dangerous, please do something.”

Members of the Pride World City society revealed that they became aware of the situation a few days ago when a video surfaced, depicting a hyena crossing the road and walkway from Pride World City to Dy Patil College. Alarmed by this unusual sighting, they promptly reported the incident to the forest department. However, much to their surprise, the hyena seemed to vanish mysteriously, leaving the community puzzled.

The immediate vicinity includes both residential areas and a college campus within a 100-meter radius, intensifying the concerns of local residents. The presence of a wild hyena in such a populated area has left the community uneasy and anxious.

Residents, reacting to the video, have been placed on high alert, with housing societies advising against taking walks in the early morning or at night. The potential danger posed by the hyena has prompted increased vigilance among locals, who are now more cautious about outdoor activities until the situation is addressed by the relevant authorities.

The forest department is expected to investigate the matter further and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the residents and the hyena. Meanwhile, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the delicate balance between wildlife and urban living, urging communities to be mindful of coexisting with the natural habitat.

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