Hutchings School Dominates St Vincent’s Junior Leagues Tournament with a 5-0 Victory

Exciting Wins for Loyola, Dastur Boys, Fr Agnel, and SSRVM in Thrilling League Matches

In a remarkable display of skill and sportsmanship, Hutchings School secured a resounding 5-0 victory over St Patrick’s School in the ongoing St Vincent’s Junior Leagues Tournament. The tournament, organized by St Vincent’s High School and Junior College, witnessed thrilling league matches at their ground. Loyola School, Dastur Boys School, Fr Agnel, and SSRVM also celebrated notable wins in their respective league encounters.

Match Results: Football League:

  1. Hutchings School: 5 (Ayaan J. 2min., Pranat J. 7min, Devansh K 10min., Vivaan P. 25min.) vs. St. Patrick’s: 0
    • Hutchings School showcased their prowess with an impressive 5-0 win over St Patrick’s, with key contributions from Ayaan J., Pranat J., Devansh K, and Vivaan P.
  2. Loyola School: 3 (Shaun Angare 2,12min., Nived Nair 12min.) vs. Kalyani School: 0
    • Loyola School displayed a strong performance, securing a 3-0 victory against Kalyani School, with goals from Shaun Angare and Nived Nair.
  3. Dastur Boys: 2 (Arnav Jarande 1min., Kushil Shinde 20min) vs. Aryan World School: 0
    • Dastur Boys clinched a 2-0 win against Aryan World School, courtesy of goals from Arnav Jarande and Kushil Shinde.
  4. Fr. Agnel: 5 (Tanish Buge 3,8,15min., Abhay Devarde 14min., Qatada Shaikh 22min.) vs. Vidya Valley: 0
    • Fr. Agnel showcased an outstanding performance with a 5-0 triumph over Vidya Valley, led by Tanish Buge, Abhay Devarde, and Qatada Shaikh.
  5. SSRVM: 1 (Sarthak Inamdar 24min.) vs. St. Patrick’s: 0
    • SSRVM secured a close 1-0 victory against St Patrick’s, with Sarthak Inamdar making a crucial contribution.
  6. Loyola: 2 (Shaun Angare 2,12min.) vs. Dastur Co-Ed: 1 (Shayan.I 16min.)
    • Loyola continued their winning streak with a 2-1 triumph over Dastur Co-Ed, showcasing the skills of Shaun Angare.

These thrilling encounters have added excitement to the St Vincent’s Junior Leagues Tournament, promising more action-packed matches in the days to come.

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