Harnessing Sunshine: Pune’s Nandan Prospera Gold Society Unveils Rooftop Solar Power Plant

In a significant step towards sustainable energy, the Nandan Prospera Gold Society in Baner, Pune, unveiled its rooftop solar power plant on February 25th. The inauguration ceremony was led by Ex Corporator Amol Balwadkar, who engaged with the society’s residents during the event.

Empowering Communities through Solar Energy

As shared on Amol Balwadkar’s social media handle, the solar power plant is expected to result in monthly savings of approximately ₹2 lakh on the society’s electricity bill. Nandan Prospera Gold now stands as the third society in the Baner-Balewadi area to embrace solar energy. Despite incurring an initial cost of ₹70 lakh for the installation, the society anticipates recovering the investment within three years. The solar project will exclusively power all electrical devices within the society, including elevators, common lights, and water pumps.

Government Support and Societal Impact

To encourage the adoption of solar energy, the government provides a 20% subsidy for such projects. More than 3200 societies across the state have taken advantage of this initiative, collectively generating 52 megawatts of electricity. In addition to the environmental and local benefits, flat owners in these societies receive a 5% tax discount from the municipal corporation. This financial incentive further enhances the appeal of implementing solar projects for large societies, offering substantial savings on electricity costs.

Beyond solar power, Nandan Prospera Gold Society has also implemented rainwater harvesting and waste garbage management projects, showcasing a comprehensive approach to sustainable living.

Community Leaders and Collaborations

Chairman of Nandan Buildcon, Shamji Kotkar, joined the society members in commemorating the occasion, emphasizing the commitment to environmentally conscious initiatives.

As Pune’s residential societies increasingly embrace solar solutions, the positive impact on both the environment and financial landscapes becomes more evident.

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