Friday, March 1, 2024

    Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar Advocates Third Municipal Corporation for Pune’s Outlying Villages

    Proposal Aims to Address Urbanization Challenges and Infrastructural Gaps in Surrounding Areas"


    Deputy Chief Minister and District Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar have put forward a proposal to establish a third municipal corporation for the villages surrounding Pune. This initiative comes in response to growing concerns about illegal constructions and road-related issues, signaling a comprehensive approach to urban development and governance in the region.

    The proposed merger includes Dehu, Alandi, Chakan, and Rajgurunagar, envisioning a unified municipal corporation that would streamline development efforts and provide better governance for these areas. The announcement was made during the foundation stone-laying ceremony for the Lohegaon-Wagholi equal water supply scheme in Lohegaon, where Ajit Pawar emphasized the need to address the challenges faced by the residents of Lohegaon comprehensively.

    One of the significant factors influencing this proposal is the potential expansion of the Lohegaon airport. Ajit Pawar highlighted the importance of relocating the road under the Ministry of Defence (India) to accommodate larger international aircraft, promising consultations with the registration department to address any land assessment issues.

    Ajit Pawar acknowledged the population growth in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, leading to increased demand for essential amenities such as water, healthcare, and housing. To combat water scarcity in areas like Indapur, Haveli, Daund, and Purandar, plans include constructing a tunnel as an alternative to a canal and exploring the possibility of sourcing water from the Tata Dam for agricultural purposes. Additionally, sewage treatment plants (STPs) will be established to treat used sewage for agricultural use.

    The government’s commitment to infrastructure improvement and employment opportunities was underscored by Ajit Pawar, who highlighted ongoing initiatives, including recruitment drives and policies aimed at empowering the youth. MLA Sunil Tingre praised Ajit Pawar for securing funds for various development projects in Lohegaon and expressed commitment to addressing local infrastructure requirements, including road projects and underground sewage channels.

    This proposal for a third municipal corporation reflects a strategic approach to accommodate the region’s growth and urbanization, fostering better governance, and addressing critical infrastructural needs.

    Neha Raj
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