CREDAI Pune Metro Champions Worker Safety with Free First Aid and CPR Training Program

In a groundbreaking initiative, CREDAI Pune Metro has launched a free First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training Program aimed at enhancing the safety skills of construction workers, acknowledging their crucial role in the real estate sector.

J P Shroff, Chairman of the Kushal Initiative of CREDAI, highlighted the organization’s commitment to the welfare of construction workers, considering them not only integral to society but also as the backbone of the real estate sector. The initiative was inaugurated at the CREDAI Pune Metro’s Auditorium located at the Nucleus Mall, Camp.

Dignitaries including Sapna Rathi, Convenor of the Labour Welfare Committee, Dr. Devendra Bhosale of the AB Clinic, Dr. D K Abhyankar, Director General, Kumar Ramachandran, Designate Director General of CREDAI Pune Metro, Urmila Julka, General Manager, and Samir Parkhi, Labour Welfare Officer, were present at the event.

Dr. Bhosale stressed the importance of safety awareness on construction sites and emphasized the need for accessible tools and kits for first aid. Demonstrations covered essential first aid techniques for electric shock, injuries, bleeding, accidents, and steps for administering Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

J P Shroff expressed confidence that the program was tailored to address potential hazards and emergencies faced by staff and workers on construction sites. He underlined the importance of equipping individuals with these essential skills, enabling effective responses in real-life situations.

Sapna Rathi shared the organization’s commitment to extending the training program to reach at least 5000 staff and workers in the near future. CREDAI Pune Metro encourages member developers to promptly enroll their staff in this pioneering training program, aiming to foster a safer and more secure working environment.

Rashmi Lodha, a member of the Labour Welfare Committee, played a crucial role as the anchor for the program, ensuring its success.

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