Cracking the Code: Pune Police Reveals Emoji Symbols Used by Drug Dealers on Social Media

Pune, June 25, 2023: In a commendable effort to enhance public safety and awareness, the Pune Police have taken a significant step by disclosing a list of emojis frequently utilized as codes by drug dealers on various social media platforms. This proactive measure aims to empower citizens to identify and report suspicious activities related to drug trafficking.

Over the past six months, the Pune Police have exhibited relentless determination, resulting in the arrest of 82 drug dealers and the seizure of drugs worth Rs. 7.28 crores. The department has now shared a compilation of emojis commonly employed as symbols for different types of drugs:

  • Ganja: 🍀😮‍💨
  • Cocaine: 👃🏼😛❄️
  • MDMA: 💊🍬
  • Mushrooms: 🍄
  • Meth: 🧪⚗️
  • Xanax: 🍫
  • Heroin: 💉

These seemingly innocuous emojis are employed as covert representations of illicit substances, underscoring the significance of this disclosure by the Pune Police.

The response from the public regarding this revelation on social media platforms has been overwhelmingly positive. One user lauded the efforts of the police, stating, “Superb! Don’t provide any loopholes for them to escape punishment. Take strict action against these individuals. This process should continue until the eradication of such crimes.”

Another user expressed concern for the younger generation, who might be enticed into drug use, commenting, “It is disheartening to witness youngsters being influenced by such destructive habits.” They suggested regular patrols around schools, colleges, private coaching classes, pubs, and bars as a preventive measure.

This proactive initiative undertaken by the Pune Police demonstrates their unwavering commitment to combat drug-related crimes and showcases their innovative approach in addressing this pressing issue. By equipping the public with knowledge about these emoji codes, the police are empowering individuals to play an active role in curbing drug trafficking and creating a safer society.

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