Courage and Resilience: Pune Assault Survivor Shares Her Inspiring Story

Pune, 27th June 2023: In a harrowing incident that unfolded this morning in Pune, a young girl preparing for the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) examination became the victim of a brutal assault. This distressing incident, captured on CCTV, quickly went viral on social media, sparking widespread outrage and raising serious concerns about public safety, especially for women.

The assault took place near the Perugate police chowky, located under the Vishrambaug police station, in Sadashiv Peth at approximately 10 am today. The perpetrator, identified as 22-year-old Shantanu Laxman Jadhav, has been apprehended by the police.

Authorities have reported that the victim sustained severe injuries during the attack and is currently receiving treatment at a hospital. Her injuries include a wound on her hand and stitches on her head. Preliminary investigations suggest that the assault was motivated by an unrequited love affair.

Residing in the Sutardara area of Kothrud, the 20-year-old victim had been relentlessly pursued and harassed by the accused, Shantanu Jadhav. Despite her efforts to disengage from him, he persistently continued his advances and resorted to issuing threats.

Deeply disturbed by his unwavering behavior, the victim and her mother reported the situation to his parents, but unfortunately, the harassment persisted.

“Carrying this anger in his heart, he called me yesterday and threatened me. Today, when I was on my way to coaching, he intercepted me in the Sadashiv Peth area. When I confronted him, he viciously attacked me with a koyta,” the victim bravely recounted.

“In my desperate attempt to escape, a friend came to my rescue. Just as Shantanu attempted to strike me with the koyta, my friend intervened and successfully thwarted the attack. Today, I owe my life to that friend,” she added.

Thanks to the assistance of bystanders who rushed to the scene, the assailant was apprehended and handed over to the police, leading to his subsequent arrest.

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother expressed her anger, stating, “If such incidents continue to occur, how can parents have peace of mind regarding their daughters’ safety? Individuals with such distorted mindsets must be subjected to severe punishment,” she urged.

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