Congress Protests Delayed Inauguration of Key Pune Projects: Ruby Hall-Ramwadi Metro and Airport Terminal 2

The delayed inauguration of two crucial projects, the Ruby Hall-Ramwadi metro and Airport Terminal 2, has sparked frustration and discontent among the residents of Pune City, prompting the City Unit of Congress to stage a protest on Friday, February 23, 2024.

Led by MPCC Vice President Mohan Joshi, the Congress protest unfolded at the Sarvajainik Kaka statue, symbolizing a tribute to the legacy of Sarvajinik Kaka, known for his leadership in peaceful protests. Inspired by his spirit, Joshi opted for a peaceful demonstration beneath his statue.

The protest, lasting approximately two hours, drew participation from numerous individuals expressing their concern over the prolonged delay in inaugurating the Ruby Hall-Ramwadi metro and Airport Terminal 2.

Mohan Joshi articulated the importance of the Ruby Hall-Ramwadi metro, emphasizing its potential to enhance convenience for commuters traveling from Kothrud to Nagar road. He expressed Congress’s readiness for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate both the metro and the New Airport Terminal. However, Joshi stressed the urgency for swift action to avoid further months-long delays.

Continuing his address, Joshi highlighted the completion of Terminal 2, awaiting formal inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The continued operation of the old terminal has resulted in complaints from travelers due to overcrowding and discomfort. Joshi asserted, “The people of Pune have contributed significantly, and they rightfully deserve a seamless and comfortable travel experience.”

The protest symbolized not just a demand for timely infrastructure development but also reflected the collective voice of citizens advocating for their rightful amenities and services.

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