Addressing Crime Surge: Pune Commissioner’s Plan to Strengthen Police Administration and Ensure Safer City

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Pune: In the wake of recent incidents that shook Maharashtra, the Pune Police has embarked on a mission to enhance public safety. The Pune Police Commissioner has taken decisive action by issuing stringent instructions to the police force, resulting in the suspension of 10 policemen, including 5 officers, for negligence in their duties. Additionally, the Commissioner has introduced a comprehensive plan aimed at preventing future incidents, which encompasses various activities, government demands, and changes in the functioning of the police administration. Recognizing the need for bolstered law enforcement, the Commissioner has emphasized the requirement for at least 2500 additional policemen in the city.

A concerning trend has emerged, revealing the involvement of minors in numerous crimes in Pune, including machete gangs and carjacking incidents. As a response to the growing number of minors engaging in criminal activities, the police have pledged to take strict action against these individuals. Over the past three months, 31 individuals have been arrested for various crimes in Pune, and the police will maintain close surveillance on known criminals, raising hopes of curbing crime rates in the city.

In light of the escalating crime rates, many Pune residents have questioned the effectiveness of the Pune Police. The absence of police personnel at the Perugate police post following the Sadashiv Peth attack has garnered significant public anger. Subsequently, the Commissioner has initiated disciplinary action against the police in Pune, following the suspension of 10 officers and employees. The Commissioner intends to closely monitor the performance of other police personnel in Pune, issuing strict instructions to uphold their duties. Any negligence will be met with immediate suspension.

Given the involvement of minors and college students in criminal activities, counseling sessions will be organized in schools and colleges. This initiative will involve collaboration between the police and local NGOs in Pune. The aim is to raise awareness among students about good and bad practices, as well as educate them about the legal consequences associated with various crimes.

With a population of 6 million, Pune currently has 9,500 police officers and staff members. However, to effectively address the city’s needs, an additional 2,500 policemen are required. Consequently, the Commissioner has appealed to the state government for the establishment of a new zone, 7 additional police stations, and the appointment of 1 Deputy Commissioner of Police within the city.

The Pune Police administration is determined to implement these reforms, fostering a safer environment for the residents of Pune. Through proactive measures, increased manpower, and community engagement, the Commissioner aims to restore public trust and ensure the city’s security.

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