AAP Protests Monorail Project in Kothrud’s Thorat Garden, Advocates for Basic Facilities

In a fervent demonstration of dissent, members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) gathered on February 24 outside Late Tatyasaheb Thorat Garden in Kothrud, Pune, to vehemently oppose the proposed monorail project presented by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

The protest served as a platform to shed light on the stark neglect of essential amenities within the park, raising questions about the city’s priorities in the face of the controversial monorail initiative.

AAP Pune expressed their dismay, challenging the reasoning behind advancing the monorail project when crucial facilities within the park remain in a state of disrepair. The party alleged that the project appeared to be advancing under the influence of certain members of the ruling party, sidelining the concerns and needs of citizens.

Of particular concern to locals was the proposed installation of seventy pillars within Thorat Garden for monorail construction, impacting park visitors seeking recreational spaces. Issues such as the closure of the waterfall, run-down children’s playgrounds, malfunctioning solar-powered drinking water systems, and the deterioration of the dinosaur park highlighted the pervasive neglect in park management.

Despite citizen appeals, including suggestions for repurposing an existing pond into a children’s skating rink, these concerns have consistently been disregarded.

AAP firmly opposed the monorail project in Kothrud, denouncing it as a misuse of citizens’ funds. City president Sudarshan Jagdale emphasized the wastefulness of the proposal, echoing sentiments shared by Dr. Abhijit More, who criticized the project as a ploy to benefit contractors under the guise of public development.

Recalling past instances of successful opposition, AAP members pointed to thwarting a similar extravagant proposal by the BJP to install expensive talking trees in Balasaheb Thackeray Udyan due to AAP’s intervention.

Advocate Amol Kale lamented the lack of alignment between people’s representatives and the genuine needs of citizens, labeling it as a democratic tragedy wherein decisions are made arbitrarily without due consideration for public welfare.

The protest saw the active participation of numerous AAP members, including Sudarshan Jagdale, Surekha Bhosale, and others, collectively advocating for the preservation of Thorat Garden and the prioritization of citizens’ concerns over extravagant projects.

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