1500 Cyclists Join Pune Police Rally to Combat Drug Addiction and Promote Awareness

Pune Police Commissioner Ritesh Kumar emphasized the importance of raising awareness to prevent the growing cases of drug addiction in society during the closing ceremony of a rally organized by the Pune City Police in Circle 4 Division. He highlighted the need for public awareness and enlightenment to effectively address this issue.

The rally, organized by Muktangan Vyasan Mukti Sanstha and other social organizations, aimed to raise public awareness among students and citizens. Various activities such as essay, painting, and slogan competitions were organized to engage participants. Street plays were also performed to highlight the dangers of addiction. Commissioner Kumar announced that Pune Police would implement large-scale initiatives to combat drug addiction and address other social issues.

Additional Commissioner of Police Ranjan Kumar Sharma shared that up to one lakh students in Pune city would be educated about the perils of drug addiction. The program was introduced by Deputy Commissioner of Police Shashikant Borate, and Vivek Dev served as the moderator. Ranjan Kumar Sharma, Additional Commissioner of Police, expressed gratitude in a vote of thanks.

A bicycle rally was organized on Sunday as part of the awareness campaign. The rally commenced at Aga Khan Palace and concluded at the Police Headquarters in Shivaji Nagar. Approximately 1500 cyclists, including members of the Sunrise Cycling Group, Pune City Police, and Pune City Cycle Lovers group, actively participated in the event.

During the rally, Police Commissioner Ritesh Kumar honored the youngest climbers, Sandeep Gaikwad (9 years old) and Pratham Thakkar (10 years old), as well as the oldest participant, Colonel Apte (80 years old), for their remarkable participation.

The rally and bicycle event served as powerful means to raise awareness about addiction prevention and mobilize the community in the fight against drug abuse. By involving students, citizens, and cycling enthusiasts, the Pune Police and partnering organizations have taken a proactive approach to address this pressing social issue. The recognition of the participants, regardless of their age, showcased the inclusive nature of the awareness campaign and the significance of collective efforts in combating addiction.

Through such initiatives, the Pune Police are working towards creating a well-informed and vigilant community that actively contributes to the prevention of drug addiction. By fostering awareness and understanding, they hope to build a safer and healthier society for all residents of Pune.

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