Friday, March 1, 2024

    Walhekarwadi’s Guardian Angels: Residents Unite to Rescue Pavana River from Pollution

    Rotary Club of Walhekarwadi Takes a Stand, Collaborates with PCMC to Safeguard Waterways


    In a concerted effort to combat pollution in the Pavana River, residents of Walhekarwadi have joined forces under the banner of the Rotary Club of Walhekarwadi. In a recent interview with Ganesh Bora, the coordinator of the Rotary Club, it was revealed that the community has been actively involved in tackling the issue of river pollution since 2017, employing various measures to preserve the water quality.

    One significant challenge addressed by the Rotary Club was the contamination caused by sewage canals originating from Akurdi and passing through the river near Walhekarwadi. Over the course of four years, the team diligently identified leakage points in the sewage lines, collaborated with the Pimpri Chinchwad Mahanagarpalika (PCMC) drainage team, and successfully fixed the leakages. Concurrently, efforts were made to raise awareness among the public about responsible waste disposal to prevent further pollution.

    To prevent garbage from entering the river, a net was initially installed to absorb waste. Responding to the need for a more efficient solution, the PCMC suggested the implementation of an automated net that requires no manpower. This automated system ensures the removal of garbage from the water, contributing to the cleanliness of the river.

    Looking ahead, the initiative plans to implement measures to prevent contamination of the water by individuals. Special attention will be given during the monsoon season to minimize leakages and maintain water quality.

    The collaborative efforts of the Rotary Club of Walhekarwadi, led by Founder President Pradeep Walhekar, President Sudhir Maral, and Coordinator Ganesh Bora, alongside PCMC Officer Mahadev Shinde and Shankar Ghate, aim to extend their impact to make all rivers in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) free from leakage and garbage.

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