Pune’s Chinchwad Constituency Gears Up for Voter Registration Boost as Political Parties Unite

Nilesh Deshmukh, the Voter Registration Officer and Assistant Commissioner, is spearheading efforts under the guidance of the District Election Office to undertake activities mandated by the Election Commission of India. These initiatives are aimed at maximizing voter registration within the Chinchwad Assembly Constituency. As part of this concerted effort, a significant meeting convened on Monday (11th September) at the PCMC Taxation Department office, bringing together prominent members of political parties.

The Chinchwad Assembly Constituency presently encompasses 510 polling booths. However, in light of the surging voter numbers and in adherence to the Commission’s standards, political party officials were apprised of potential adjustments in polling station locations and the anticipated expansion of polling stations. Once approved by the competent authority and the Election Commission, all concerned parties will be notified of the restructuring of polling stations. The purification of the voter list stands as a crucial element in the electoral process, benefiting both political parties and independent candidates vying for elections. In this endeavor, collaboration and cooperation are deemed paramount. Registration Officer Nilesh Deshmukh also stressed the importance of delivering essential instructions in written form.

During this event, Voter Registration Officer Deshmukh provided invaluable guidance. The meeting was attended by office bearers representing various political parties. Reflecting on the significance of this gathering, Registration Officer Deshmukh remarked, “Comprehensive information about Form No. 9, 10, 11, 11A, and 11B of the Election Commission was shared. These forms are made available every Friday at the Chinchwad Vidhan Sabha Constituency B, D, C, and H Zone Offices and the Chinchwad Vidhan Sabha Voter Registration Office through the Voter Registration Office.”

These forms encompass a spectrum of voter registration aspects, including new registrations, deletions, name corrections, and address changes, with a concise overview provided earlier. The meeting of political party office bearers was convened to acquaint them with these five forms. Throughout the session, their valuable insights were solicited, and a comprehensive understanding of each form was conveyed. Political party officials contributed constructive suggestions during the meeting, aimed at enhancing the forms for improved accuracy in voter data.

Deshmukh further underscored that the Election Commission and the District Election Commission would be consulted to seek guidance on the implementation of these constructive recommendations.

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