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    Pimpri-Chinchwad Traffic Crackdown: Rs 2.72 Crore in Fines Issued Against 32,775 Violators in November

    Traffic Disciplinary Measures Intensify as Pimpri-Chinchwad Takes Aggressive Action Against Offenders


    In a determined effort to enforce traffic discipline and curb violations, the Pimpri-Chinchwad Police Traffic Branch has cracked down on 32,775 unruly drivers throughout November, collecting an astounding Rs 2.72 crore in fines. The campaign, driven by the surge in population and vehicles in the rapidly developing Pimpri-Chinchwad city, aims to address the increasing prevalence of traffic-related offenses.

    As part of the comprehensive action plan, the traffic police diligently executed measures resulting in fines totaling Rs 2,72,91,700. The crackdown included filing cases against 607 motorists for driving in the wrong direction, taking punitive action against 6,372 heavy vehicles entering restricted routes, and penalizing 32,775 vehicle drivers within the month.

    Key Violations and Penalties:

    1. Mobile Phone Usage: 939 cases
    2. Traffic Signal Violations: 1,728 instances
    3. Triple Riding on Two-Wheelers: 3,559 incidents
    4. Helmetless Riding: 2,880 cases
    5. Seatbelt Non-Compliance: 2,220 instances
    6. Black-Tinted Windows: 1,390 violations
    7. Loud Exhaust Silencers: 884 cases
    8. Obstructing Traffic: 8,967 penalized
    9. Driving in BRT Lanes: 3,229 faced consequences

    The robust campaign reflects the authorities’ commitment to ensuring road safety and adherence to traffic rules in the face of growing urban challenges.

    Neha Raj
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