Foaming Waters and Dead Fish: Pune’s Rivers Battle Unprecedented Pollution

In a startling turn of events, the once-pristine Indrayani, Pawana, and Mula rivers, meandering through the heart of Pimpri Chinchwad, have fallen victim to severe pollution due to the negligence of local authorities and unethical industrial practices. Social activist Maruti Bhapkar has sounded the alarm, urging immediate criminal action against culpable companies and officials responsible for transforming these sacred water bodies into contaminated havens.

Unraveling the Pollution Crisis:

The tranquil rivers, originating in Maval Taluka, remain untarnished until they reach the city limits. However, upon entering Pimpri Chinchwad, the unbridled pollution, largely fueled by unscrupulous industrial practices, has turned these once-sacred rivers into nothing short of polluted cesspools. Recent images circulating on social media depict the shocking transformation of the Indrayani River, now completely foaming in its bed, prompting concerns about the severity of pollution.

Alarming Incidents of River Degradation:

The distressing scene follows a recent incident where thousands of fish were discovered dead in the Indrayani River, underscoring the immediate need for intervention. Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation had initiated action against a specific company, 24 Klen (M/s Klenfab Services LLP), in Tathawade, concerning Pawana River pollution. However, the problem extends beyond a single entity, with numerous industrial and residential contributors exacerbating the degradation of these vital water bodies.

Activist Calls for Urgent Government Intervention:

Renowned social activist Maruti Bhapkar has urged the Central Government, Maharashtra State Government, and Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation to swiftly undertake criminal action against those responsible for the environmental catastrophe. Bhapkar has diligently reported comprehensive information on river pollution, encroachments, and illegal activities along the riverbanks to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and the Maharashtra Ministry.

In a poignant statement, Bhapkar emphasizes, “We request the authorities to take note of the serious issue of river pollution in the cities of Pimpri Chinchwad and take strict action immediately and implement appropriate measures. Many builders exploit the rivers by selling the properties to unsuspecting buyers. This reckless exploitation not only harms the environment but also contributes to financial losses for taxpayers.”

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