Nashik’s Green Transit Initiative: New Bus Depot to House 75 Electric Buses Daily

Nashik: In a significant stride towards sustainable public transportation, Nashik city is poised to embrace eco-friendly commuting with the introduction of 50 electric buses under the central government’s PM E-Bus scheme. The ambitious plan envisions a total fleet of 700 buses, advocating a greener and more energy-efficient urban mobility solution for Nashik. To facilitate this transition, the municipal authorities are proposing the construction of a state-of-the-art bus depot in Adgaon, with an estimated expenditure of ₹27 crore.

A recent online meeting between municipal officials and central authorities emphasized the need for a dedicated depot equipped to handle electric buses. The proposed Adgaon depot, situated at the existing truck terminal, will not only serve as a parking facility but will also feature a substation exclusively designed for charging electric buses. Approximately ₹14 crore will be allocated for the construction of the substation, with funding secured from the Centre.

Originally planned to charge 50 buses daily, the depot’s capacity is now being expanded to accommodate 75 electric buses. The central government’s commitment to subsidize ₹24 per kilometre for each bus over the next decade serves as a significant incentive for Nashik to embrace electric buses. To manage the operations and logistics of the growing fleet, the municipality will appoint an agency responsible for overseeing the depot, including handling monthly charging bills.

Anticipating future transportation needs, Nashik’s municipal authorities are forward-thinking, proposing a depot that can eventually house up to 700 buses. By investing in sustainable public transit infrastructure now, Nashik aims to lay the groundwork for a cleaner and more efficient urban mobility system.

Bajirao Mali, Executive Engineer Mechanical Department, NMC, expressed, “Considering the future, a proposal has been placed with the Centre to have a depot of 75 buses instead of 50. After constructing a depot for 50 buses, if the number of buses increases again in the next few years, there is a possibility that a new depot will have to be constructed. That’s why it will be useful if a spacious bus depot is built now.”

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