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    Mumbai University Attains Class 1 Autonomy: A Gateway to Educational Innovation

    UGC Bestows Graded Autonomy, Unlocking Opportunities for Mumbai University


    In a significant development, the University of Mumbai (MU) has achieved Class 1 graded autonomy status from the University Grants Commission (UGC). This prestigious status grants MU the authority to initiate new courses, establish institutes, and make independent decisions on various educational fronts. Joining the league of institutions with graded autonomy, MU is set to usher in a new era of academic freedom and innovation.

    A Landmark Achievement for Mumbai University

    The UGC’s decision to confer Class 1 autonomy marks a notable achievement for Mumbai University, positioning it among a select group of institutions with enhanced academic independence. This accolade follows a similar recognition granted to Savitribai Phule Pune University in 2018, making MU the second public university in Maharashtra to achieve this distinguished status.

    Unleashing Educational Possibilities

    With the newfound autonomy, MU gains the liberty to introduce innovative courses, establish departments, and launch online and distance learning institutes without seeking UGC permission. The university can delve into the realm of technology, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and sustainable development by offering degree and diploma courses in the ‘innovation field.’

    Empowering Skill-Based Education

    One of the key advantages of Class 1 autonomy is the ability to initiate skill-based courses aligned with the National Skill Qualification Framework. MU can now establish research parks, incubation centers, and skill-based programs on a self-financing basis, catering to local needs and fostering a holistic educational ecosystem.

    Global Academic Collaborations

    The Class 1 status positions MU to actively engage in global academic alliances, in line with the objectives of the National Education Policy. This opens avenues for dual degrees, associate degrees, twinning programs, and facilitates student-teacher exchange programs nationally and internationally.

    Prof. Ravindra Kulkarni’s Perspective

    MU’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ravindra Kulkarni, expressed the significance of the achievement, stating, “This status has given the university academic freedom, and a new avenue of educational opportunities will open up.” He emphasized that the university is now poised to contribute significantly to the internationalization of higher education, aligning with the goals outlined in the National Education Policy.

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