Mumbai-Goa Highway Update: Significant 84-km Section to Be Completed by Year-End

Mumbai-Goa Highway: 84-km Stretch Between Panvel and Indapur to be Completed by December

The long-awaited Mumbai-Goa highway is set for significant progress, with an 84-kilometer stretch between Panvel and Indapur expected to be fully completed by December this year, according to an official from the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

Key Details of the Project

The Mumbai-Goa highway spans a total of 555 kilometers, connecting Mumbai to Goa. Within Maharashtra, 460 kilometers of this highway extend up to Patradevi in the Sindhudurg district. The completion of this crucial stretch will significantly enhance connectivity and ease travel between these two major regions.

Progress on the 84-km Stretch

This 84-kilometer segment between Panvel and Indapur is divided into two packages.

  • First Package: Panvel to Kasu
    • This segment covers 42.3 kilometers and has achieved over 85% completion.
    • Out of 40 kilometers of road concreting, about 39 kilometers have been finished.
    • For the parallel service road concreting, approximately 9 out of 23.7 kilometers have been completed.
    • Additional vehicular underpass work at Gadab in Pen Taluka is also progressing well.
  • Second Package: Kasu to Indapur
    • This segment also covers 42.3 kilometers.
    • The previous contractor completed 26.67 kilometers of four-lane work.
    • Kalyan Toll Infra Pvt Ltd was awarded the contract for the remaining work, and currently, about 45% of the physical work has been completed.

Timeline and Maintenance

The NHAI official emphasized that the entire 84-kilometer stretch is expected to be completed by December 2024. In the meantime, the contractor is maintaining the completed portions to ensure smooth traffic flow. Pre-monsoon works are ongoing, with necessary precautions in place to facilitate smooth traffic during the monsoon season.

Broader Impact of the Project

The Mumbai-Goa highway, with its total length of 555 kilometers, is a critical infrastructure project aimed at enhancing connectivity between Mumbai and Goa. While the NHAI is responsible for the construction of 84 kilometers, the remaining 376 kilometers within Maharashtra have been taken up by the state Public Works Department (PWD).

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