Supreme Court Recognizes Invaluable Contribution of Housewives, Equates their Worth to Salaried Professionals

In a groundbreaking verdict, the Supreme Court of India has underscored the immeasurable contributions of housewives, asserting that their role is equivalent in value to those engaged in salaried professions.

A bench comprising Judges Suryan Kant and KV Vishwanathan has brought attention to the unique significance of women managing households, emphasizing the inherent challenge in assessing their contributions purely in monetary terms.

Case Background: This landmark ruling emanates from a 2006 motor accident case where a woman from Uttarakhand tragically lost her life in a road accident. The absence of insurance on the vehicle shifted the responsibility of compensation to the vehicle owner.

The court has urged tribunals and courts to determine the notional income of housewives based on their dedicated work and sacrifices, particularly in cases related to motor accident claims.

Initially awarded Rs 2.5 lakh in compensation, the family sought higher compensation, contesting the Uttarakhand High Court’s decision in 2017, which categorized the deceased woman as a housewife. The High Court, considering her life expectancy and minimum notional income, deemed it lower than that of a daily wage laborer.

Expressing dissatisfaction with this perspective, the Supreme Court bench questioned the validity of comparing a housewife’s income to that of a daily wage laborer, rejecting such a notion. Emphasizing the substantial time and effort invested by housewives in their responsibilities, the bench directed a compensation of Rs 6 lakh to be disbursed to the family within six weeks.

This ruling marks a significant stride toward acknowledging and valuing the indispensable role played by housewives, ensuring their contributions are duly recognized and justly compensated.

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