Wednesday, February 21, 2024

    Indian Railways Halts Platform Ticket Sales in Delhi During Chhath Puja Festival


    Are you heading to a railway station in Delhi between November 13th and 18th? Hold on to your platform ticket plans! Indian Railways has made a significant decision to temporarily ban the sale of platform tickets at New Delhi and Anand Vihar railway stations. This move is strategically timed to manage the expected surge in passenger traffic during the Chhath Puja festival.

    Why the Decision?

    1. Festive Rush: The post-Diwali and Chhath Puja period witnesses a substantial spike in passenger numbers at railway stations.
    2. Safety Measures: The recent stampede incident at Surat railway station during Diwali has prompted this decision. Indian Railways aims to avert such incidents, ensuring the safety of passengers.

    Who’s Exempted?

    While platform ticket sales are on hold, certain categories are exempted:

    • Assistance for Vulnerable Groups: Those assisting senior citizens, unaccompanied minors, and women travelers unable to manage on their own are exempt from this temporary ban.

    Passenger Convenience Ensured

    1. Crowd Control: The restriction on station access to only travelers is designed to create a safer and more manageable environment.
    2. Preventing Overcrowding: By curbing platform ticket sales, the risk of incidents like the Surat stampede is significantly reduced, ensuring smoother operations.

    Stay Informed and Plan Ahead

    As a passenger, staying updated on the latest railway guidelines is crucial. Plan your station visits accordingly to contribute to a safe and smooth journey for everyone this festive season. Let’s make it a celebration, not just for the festival but for safe travel!

    Neha Raj
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