Ghaziabad’s Rail Renaissance: Indian Railways Unveils New Station to Ease Travel Woes for NCR Residents

New Delhi, 8th February 2024: In a significant move to alleviate the travel woes of residents in the National Capital Region (NCR), Indian Railways is gearing up to introduce a new railway station in Ghaziabad. This strategic development aims to eliminate the need for commuters to travel to Delhi or Anand Vihar, providing a more convenient and cost-effective alternative.

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav shared this groundbreaking information on News18 India’s Choupal program, emphasizing the relief it would bring to NCR residents. The Ghaziabad Station, situated on the Delhi-Howrah line, is rapidly becoming the second largest railway station in the NCR region after Delhi.

The NCR comprises four Uttar Pradesh cities: Ghaziabad, Trans-Hindon, Noida, and Greater Noida, all closely connected to Delhi. Due to the lack of adequate facilities at Ghaziabad Station, many residents have had to endure a 30-40 kilometer commute to Delhi for train services. With the ongoing development, commuters from these cities will soon be able to catch trains at their doorstep, and as the passenger count increases, additional train services will be introduced, mitigating the rush to Delhi.

The estimated cost for the development of Ghaziabad Railway Station is around 450 crores, encompassing essential facilities such as entrance gates, platforms, waiting rooms, ticket booking counters, passenger amenities, lifts, escalators, station approach roads, parking, and a food court.

The development timeline for Ghaziabad Station is set until 2025, promising a transformative travel experience for NCR residents by next year. This initiative is expected to not only save time wasted in traffic jams but also significantly reduce commuting expenses, offering a more efficient and affordable alternative for train travel within the NCR region.

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