DigiYatra Controversy Deepens: Nearly One-Third of Delhi Airport Travelers Unaware of Enrollment

The DigiYatra mobile application, designed to streamline passenger movement through contactless processes at airport checkpoints, has come under scrutiny following complaints about the unauthorized collection of biometric data. A recent survey conducted by LocalCircles sheds light on the issue, revealing that 29% of travelers who registered for DigiYatra at the Delhi airport in the past six months did so without their knowledge.

The survey posed a question to participants who had traveled from the Delhi airport in the last six months, asking how they signed up for the DigiYatra program. The results indicated that 29% did so “unknowingly,” while 15% mentioned signing up because there was no regular queue.

Currently operational in 13 airports across the nation, DigiYatra has become a key component of contactless travel experiences. However, the inadvertent enrollment of a significant percentage of users has raised concerns about data privacy and consent.

Rajya Sabha member Saket Gokhale raised the issue of biometric data collection without passengers’ consent during a session with Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. In response, Scindia refuted the claims, asserting that DigiYatra is entirely voluntary for travelers. He emphasized that airport staff are permitted to collect data for the DigiYatra app only with the explicit consent of flyers. Furthermore, the data shared by passengers for DigiYatra is stored in an encrypted format to ensure privacy.

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